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A selection of recent projects completed successfully in the last 5 years is provided below:

Kosovo-drinking water quality project (2009)
Team leader on 6 month feasibility study for the European Commission in Kosovo including development of needs assessment report for the Institute of public Health, TOR for proposed IPA funded TA project and emergency water quality planning report

Turkey- Environmental project evaluations (water) (2009)
Review of drinking water quality components for 15 works projects proposed for IPA funding in Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia for the European Commission.

Kosovo- Water regulation (2006-2008)
Team leader on 24 month Technical Assistance project supporting the development of the Kosovo water and solid waste economic regulator (WWRO). The project included running 10 workshops, 2 study tours and producing numerous reports covering tariffs, AMP, performance monitoring, gender and minority issues, revised primary and secondary legislation and a Code of Practice.

Bulgaria/ Romania-Tender evaluations (2006)
Independent tender evaluation expert for major works and service tenders for the European Commission in Bulgaria (service tender) and Romania (works tender).

Mozambique- Technical audit (2006/2007)
Head of technical audit team undertaking annual/ bi-annual audits of private operator of Maputo water supply, Mozambique for World Bank

Scotland- Technical review (2005)
Reviewer of Scottish Water’s 2006-2014 drinking water quality investment program proposals for Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland (WICS) as part of the draft determination process.

Bulgaria-ISPA Technical review (2005)
Team leader for review of technical design, program and procurement arrangements of proposed ISPA funded projects in Sophia, Bourgas and Rousse for the European Commission

Eastern Europe and CIS – Complaints investigations roster member (2004-2009)
Graham Cleverly has been retained as one of three roster experts under the EBRD’s Independent Recourse Mechanism (IRM) to investigate complaints about Bank-financed projects. He undertook successful problem solving assignment in connection with a complaint against the BTC project in Georgia.

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